How to cut and serve a Stromboli

Our Breadwinner exclusive comes in many flavours and forms

Dividing a Stromboli into portions

Dividing a Stromboli into portions

From the flavours to the presentation style, our Breadwinner exclusive Stromboli is completely versatile. Suitable for an individual, party, family gathering, or any occasion your heart desires.

For cafes/restaurants and individuals, the Stromboli can be cut into around 6 or 7 portions and used either hot or cold for a healthy and filling lunch. You can store any remaining Stromboli in the fridge or the freezer to use at a later time.

For parties and events, the Stromboli can be cut into a canape serving size giving around 30 bite-sized portions – again these can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Warming the Stromboli

Oven – Please place in a pre-heated oven at 180°C (around 360 °F or Gas Mark 4) for 6 – 8 mins.

Microwave – To heat up in a microwave, please heat on full power for 2 minutes (based on 800W).

A cut Stromboli

A cut Stromboli

<p>Canape style cut</p>

Canape style cut