About Stromboli

New exciting stuffed flatbread produced by The Breadwinner

Stromboli is a new delicious and exciting stuffed flatbread produced by The Breadwinner.  Named after the active volcanic island off the coast of Sicily, Stromboli’s erupt with flavour and can be served hot or cold.

Our Stromboli is a healthy nutritious eat, low in salt and sugar; stuffed with whatever our imagination allows. The fillings are fully encased in a stretch of bread supplied wholesale. The stretch can then be sliced into portions revealing the enticing fillings. They are easy to serve and eat, and a firm favourite with our customers.

We use vegan cheese to encase some wonderful flavours including: ‘Aubergine and chickpea madras’ and ‘Harissa and Sweet Potato’.

What makes Stromboli a local favourite:

  • Rich individually spiced flavours
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Free from chemicals or preservatives
  • Handcrafted by master bakers
  • Can be cut into various sizes to suit your serving requirements
  • Ready to serve cold
  • Easy to heat
  • Alternative to a panini (but no preparation required!)
  • Can be served with a small side salad

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How to cut a Stromboli

See our blog post on the best way to cut and serve your Stromboli.


Sweet pepper Stromboli

Sweet pepper Stromboli