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RECIPE: Sour Starter »

Starter Dough’s are what make our bread taste so good, so we thought we would share some of our secrets for you to use at home.  Using a sour starter adds unique flavours to any of the bread you make - it is a lengthier process, but not a difficult one.  Also once you have started it you just have to keep it topped up.

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RECIPE: Wholemeal Loaf »

In the production of wholemeal flour the whole grain is used. This type of flour has an extraction rate of 100%, which means nothing is removed during milling. The bran and nutrient-packed germ are not separated from the rest of the grain it keeps all of its nutrients. The Greek philosopher Plato imagined the ideal state where men lived to a healthy old age on wholemeal bread ground from local wheat.

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RECIPE: Soda Bread/Scottish Farl »

Soda bread dates back to approximately 1840, when bicarbonate of soda was introduced to Ireland. Because the climate of Ireland hinders the growth of hard wheat (which creates a flour that rises easily with the assistance of yeast), bicarbonate of soda replaced yeast as the leavening agent.
There are several theories as to the significance of the cross in soda bread. Some believe that the cross was placed in the bread to ward off evil. It is more likely that the cross is used to help with the cooking of the bread or to serve as a guideline for even slices.

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