The Breadwinner’s Get Baking Challenge: Sciennes Primary

Posted Tuesday 8 November 2016

Scotmid at Warrender Park Road

Scotmid at Warrender Park Road

Our favourite projects are with the local community here in Edinburgh, and the class at P4B Sciennes Primary was certainly one of the most tasty and rewarding collaborations! It has been nearly seven months since our master craftsman Sean McVey and Lesley McVey entered the class of P4B at Sciennes Primary to show the kids all about baking and breadmaking, and we’re excited to announce that the children have raised £607.50 for their school!

Adding Bread to the Curriculum

It was important for us to keep the kids involved throughout the entire process—teaching them how to make bread, to seeing their accomplishments on a Scotmid storefront. We started the hands-on experience from the master himself, demonstrating how to make bread and letting the kids play with the dough and shaping it. The kids, who were split into groups, also created a muffin that would be judged by a panel including Sean, Mrs. Noble, our managing director Kris McVey, and last but not least Stephen—who is in charge of bakery products in the Scotmid’s across Scotland and North East of England.

The Winners Announced

The winning loaf was created by the group ‘The Best Bakers’—which contained oats and apple on the inside with poppy seeds on top. (The perfect breakfast loaf, no?)

The winning muffin, by the ‘The Brilliant Bakers’ had apple and sultanas on the inside with dried cranberries and dates on top. Yum!

Off to Scotmid They Go!

Sciennes’ muffins and loaves went on sale on International Picnic Day, and were ready just in time for Eco Schools’ One Planet Picnic campaign. The kids at Sciennes Primary were excited to see their school logo on the packaging!

Re-visiting Sciennes

We were warmly welcomed back into Sciennes Primary this past Friday, November 4th to present the kids hard work and their earnings from the local Scotmid stores. Congratulations on making the dough, P4B!