Our Big Move

Posted Monday 30 April 2012

On the Move

On the Move

New Building

New Building

It is with both excitement and a little bit of a sadness that we moved out of our home for almost 40 years in Bruntsfield Place, to a new premise at the Gyle on the 22nd of April.

Why have we moved?
We have taken this decision as we out-grew our Bruntsfield premises.  This growth, we believe, has come as a result of an increase in a desire for: fresh, high quality, chemical free, artisan bakery products in the food service industry.  We have seen that customers have grown weary of bland mass produced bread and expect better when they go out for a meal. 

This desire has been supported by the media campaigns (the Real Bread Campaign) and TV programmes (The Great British Food Revival and The Great British bake off).  We are delighted that this is the case, as we have been shouting about the benefits of sticking with the old long fermenting process instead of the chemical enhanced alternative, since we opened the bakery in 1973.

What this means for our customers?
We are still making all the same products as we have in the past and we will keep the same delivery routes, so if your happy with how things are now - don’t worry we won’t be changing anything!

Though if you are a existing customer you will know that our bakers are some of the best and most passionate around, so expect improvements!  The new building will give them more room to let their passions and creative side loose.  They have already been thinking and planning new products and how they can improve old ones and just can’t wait to get started.

How did the move go?
The move has very much gone to plan, more so than we could have ever hoped for, given how big a move it was.  The good news is that we have had no complaints from our customers, with many not even knowing that we have moved.  As a result we have a lot of thank yours to say, we must thank:
-The amazing contractors Insite who helped us build our new bakery.
- Our wonderful oven engineers Acadian (from Falkirk), who did a sterling job dismantling and rebuilding our ovens in 1 day (they were still hot!) . 
- We must also thank our staff who have adapted so well to their new surroundings. 
- All our family and friends for their help (especially the Greig family) we could not have done it without you.

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To read more about our history see ‘our history and tradition’ page.

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