Our values and ethos

Our commitment to excellence

At The Breadwinner, we are committed to excellence in service, standards and product offering. We supply wholesome and tasty food, baking using high-quality natural ingredients that rely on the craftsmanship of our master bakers. 

Wholesome and natural

We want food to be both healthy and tasty. We use traditional, simple methods and allow time to naturally enhance our products, rather than adding anything that would change the quality or flavour of our bread. Additionally, as far as it is possible to ascertain, all our products are free from genetic modification. We do not use any animal fats in the baking of our bread, rolls and cakes. We also have an extensive range of vegetarian savouries (all of our bread fit with the Real Bread Campaign‘s criteria for what constitutes real bread.)

Local and fresh

While we have many nationalities working for us and we learn a huge amount from their experiences, we were founded by and we are still owned by the McVey family who are all born and bred in Edinburgh. We love Edinburgh and like to think we understand it (well, as much as you can!) and have realised it’s a ‘City the size of a town with the mentality of a village’. We use the freshest possible ingredients and source these from local suppliers - we buy some of our flour from a farm near Haddington.

Plant Based

All our products are made using plant-based ingredients and are suitable for those following a vegan lifestyle.

Wide range

The Breadwinner offers an extensive range of products in different sizes to suit client needs.

Personalised service

We can tailor our service to meet the specific needs of our clients. We can also customise our products to suit individual client requirements or for special events. We are easily contacted to clarify any details of our product list and service. We deliver to your premises.

For further information or ordering advice please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.