Reserve Products at Scotmid

It's an easy 5 step proccess

Reserving Breadwinner products at a Scotmid store is as simple as recording your order with a Store Manager. Once it has been freshly baked by our master craftsmen bakers, it is then sent on your chosen date to your preferred Scotmid store for you to collect!

What are the benefits of reserving products?
Certain products sell fast, and you are guaranteed your favourite Breadwinner products at the exact quantity you need. Perfect for brunches, office parties, and work lunches.

1) Visit any Scotmid store we supply.

We are in 40 stores in the Edinburgh area - you can find all of our locations listed here.

2) Let an employee know you’d like to reserve the Breadwinner products and they will direct you to the Store Manager.

3) Please have the product(s) and quantity you would like ready.

Please note you may only order products that are currently sold in Scotmid. To make it simpler, here are the list of products you may order.

4) Choose your collection date.

Please order at least two days before your desired pick-up date.

5) Payment.

Payment for your reserved products is taken at the time of placing an order.

... and you’re all set!

We hope you enjoy your Breadwinner pastries, breads, and cakes!
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