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An Introduction to the Breadwinner Wholesale Bakery

At The Breadwinner, we’re passionate about baking. Since 1973 our master craftsman bakers have been baking in Edinburgh – kneading and shaping dough by hand. We prefer to use traditional, simple methods and allow time to naturally enhance our products, rather than adding anything that would change the quality or flavour of our bread. We’re proud of our heritage – and work hard to supply bread, cakes and pastries that are locally made, freshly baked and full of flavour.


We have a team of master bakers who have been trained in the craft of baking. These bakers show a love of the art of baking and use their skill to create existing and new products. We produce visually attractive items that are healthy and wholesome. We are not reliant on machinery so, using the experience and adaptability of our bakers, we can change products to accommodate our customer’s needs.

Real Bread

We are proud to say that all of our bread fit with the Real Bread Campaign‘s criteria for what constitutes real bread. See Sean’s Blog entry for some of his thoughts on the baking industry.

Plant Based

All our products are made using plant-based ingredients and are suitable for those following a vegan lifestyle.

SALSA food-safety standard

In order to ensure our food safety procedures are kept up to and beyond current standards, we work closely with an external food hygiene consultant. And we go beyond the basic Environmental Health Department standards by being audited and accredited yearly to the SALSA food-safety standard.

Famous customers

We have experience working with and supplying some of the leading food caterers in the UK for nearly 45 years.  Over that time we have had the pleasure of supplying our products to many of Edinburgh’s residents and visitors - including two Popes, Queen Elizabeth II twice (yes she came back for more!), infamous gangster Jimmy Boyle even jogged from prison to pick up his loaf of bread once a week and Queen of Hollywood Elizabeth Taylor to name a few.

Wide product range

With a wide range of products, including many vegetarian savouries, there is an excellent selection to suit your needs. Our products directory highlights ingredients and batch sizes. Products include bread, rolls, cakes, savouries, buffet items, pastries and The Breadwinner’s exclusive Stromboli.

Commitment to excellence

We are committed to providing baked products of the highest standard. From the outset, we have followed a policy to use traditional and simple methods. We are therefore in a position to respond to the growing demand for healthy, wholesome food. We are also committed to honest and close relationships with customers, employees and suppliers alike. Please see values and ethos for more.

What are others saying about The Breadwinner?

The Breadwinner Bakery wins Wholesale Bakery of the Year 2017 and Bakery of the Year 2014 at The Food Awards Scotland.

Jay Rayner described our bread in this review as “It’s bread and butter, but engineered for the Marvel Universe. It’s full of deep, lusty caramel tones and the butter takes to it, as if to a welcoming lover’s bed. It’s superpowered and so irresistible I eventually have to get it taken away.”

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Master Craftsman Baker Sean McVey

Master Craftsman Baker Sean McVey

<p>Sweet Pepper Stromboli</p>

Sweet Pepper Stromboli